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NAME: Apollo
AGE: 13
SPECIES: Human. But he has the soul of an Angel.
HEIGHT: unknown, but he seems short. I don't think he could be taller than 5'2" at most.
HAIR: Orange
EYES: Gold
APPEARANCE: more like apooplo
VOICE: Apollo doing his thing and also fighting robots sent by THE MAN.

PLAYER: Siberia / [personal profile] siberia

Miscellaneous Info

o Apollo isn't great at reading or writing. He can do it, but big words are hard for him.

o There's pretty much nothing he won't eat, but he has a preference for meat.

o While he's the reincarnation of a Shadow Angel, he doesn't actually have any Shadow Angel blood. Even then, he can hear the sound of angel feathers, presumably thanks to his angelic soul.

o Actually sort of knows how to wield a sword.

o His nose is extremely sensitive for a human, and he can even seem to smell differences in the air caused by things like lasers or bad luck - probably due to being an Element.

o As an Element, he also has limited ESP, such as being able to telepathically project force or feelings... but all of this requires a lot of concentration and training and is pretty difficult, especially for an untamed spirit like Apollo, so it only really works for him when his aura is amplified by the Aquarion.

o MEGA SPOILER FOR BOTH SERIES: Despite all appearances to the contrary, Apollo is NOT the reincarnation of Apollonius - he's the reincarnation of another Shadow Angel, the doglike Star Beast Pollon, who harbored an unrequited love for Celiane. This went unknown for 12,000 years.