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NAME: Siberia
USERNAME: [personal profile] siberia
CONTACT: [ profile] machaera
CHARACTERS IN GAME: all of them. i'm all of those characters already in the game

NAME: Apollo
CANON: Genesis of Aquarion
CANON POINT: Post-canon
AGE: 13
APPEARANCE: arf arf arf
PERSONALITY: Apollo is the reincarnation of an angelic hound, and boy, does it show. He's brash, stubborn, reckless, and rude, and generally seems to act much more like a dog than a person. At the same time, he's much more in-tune with nature and the world than a normal person, and as time goes on, he proves how worthy he is to inherit Solar Wing's legacy - a brave, bold and passionate young man.

The key word up there was "like a dog." A lot of his behavior is really reminiscent of a big wolf puppy or something along those lines. He's nosy and energetic with little to no sense of personal space, having no problem sniffing his friends (or even strangers) if he thinks he smells something familiar or weird on them. Poor manners also factor into that, although it's somewhat excusable as he grew up as an orphan who stole to make a living. Always on the move, he can be hard to keep track of, as he usually does exactly what he feels like and nothing less - rules and laws generally mean very little to him if they're in the way of his goals. Similarly, he has a tendency to play hard with others, and gets into fights and scuffles fairly often; he loves to compete and be the best at whatever he does. While I wouldn't call it 'getting worked up' over it, he likes to escalate little issues into physical fights, and in general solves his problems with actions rather than words. All of this comes together to make a boy who fails spectacularly at making first impressions - he's usually 'that weird guy who jumped me and tried to steal my candy.'

As previously mentioned, he's much more in-tune with his natural side and the heart rather than logic or science. Emotions are usually the backbone of his actions, and they sometimes get the better of him and lead him to make bad decisions, such as breaking the barrier around one of Earth's last remaining cities and subsequently blowing up half of it to save one single friend (who then died anyway.) He doesn't usually plan things in the long term, living life in short bursts. Solve immediate problems first, worry about the aftereffects later. This makes him a rather volatile character to be around at times, as he can be impulsive and doesn't usually filter his thoughts (or his mouth.) He always feels emotions at 100%, rarely repressing anything. Apollo cries when he's sad, laughs when he's happy, and if he's mad, boy, you better watch out.

On the other hand, he's got so much honest passion and energy that he almost always gets shit done one way or another. When Apollo sets his mind on something, he can be relied upon to follow through until the bitter end. This carries through to his relationships with others, as well. Once you've managed to befriend Apollo and earn his respect, his loyalty will be unwavering. As described above, he will go to insane lengths to protect and care for the people important to him. And despite his usual boneheaded, beastly nature, he's actually quite in-tune with how his friends are feeling, and will usually react accordingly. When they're sad, he'll take his attitude down a notch and try to cheer them up. When they're hurt, he'll do everything in his power to comfort and heal them. And when they're happy, he'll be his usual mischievous ball-of-energy self. A softer side to the rough-and-tough animal boy shines through in these times; he's got a human heart, too, and he really cares a lot about his friends.

He's noted for his bravery and is said to have a noble spirit, thanks to his self-sacrificing nature and acceptance of everybody, no matter what they are or how they appear. There are things that Apollo isn't so great at dealing with - as mentioned before, his etiquette isn't the best, and in certain situations, he's sort of at a loss. As he says himself, "I eat, sleep, and fight." Things outside of that circle of basic survival (and beyond making friends and allies) can confuse him. He tiptoes around the topic of romance, which he clearly has no experience with, becoming utterly awkward and making lame excuses and denials when his (potential) relationship with Silvia is brought up. Complex issues like morality and racism usually fly over his head; there's much kerfuffling about whether it's right or wrong to treat Sirius and Silvia as allies despite their Shadow Angel blood, as well as whether it was okay to capture the Shadow Angel Futaba, who was responsible for massacres but so young that he didn't realize what he was doing, and use him as a guinea pig. Apollo usually only manages a simple solution for such problems, and feels a lot of pain and guilt over them later, not knowing how to deal with them.

PROJECTED CLASS: I'm guessing Apollo will go into the Fighter's Guild and become a Mercenary. In-canon, he has a very scrappy, dirty method of fighting, which irritates his rival Sirius (who is a properly-trained fencer, etc) a lot whenever they get into fights - Apollo often ends up winning because he'll drop his sword and bite Sirius' shins or whatever. The general feel of the Fighter's Guild suits him pretty well, too - wild warriors. Also smelly and full of food and animal parts.

FIRST PERSON SAMPLE: ye olde holly heights thread
THIRD PERSON SAMPLE: So. Joining a guild, huh?

Apollo was not exactly a team player. True, he did run with his pack of orphans growing up - because they were family. Working together with a group of people he didn't care about, though, that was different. He'd rather just go attack this dumb castle on his own, because he just knows all of this guild stuff is going to slow that down. At least, that's what he believes, sitting up on the roof of the Ugly Jackal with half an apple in one hand. (He may or may not have stolen that.) Besides, most of the people around here were just dumb drunks. This was the place he picked because they seemed like they were the ones who really knew how to fight, and the tavern was warm inside, but the more he watched the people coming in and out of there, the more he was convinced he was probably better off on his own.

For example, right now, there was some big ugly brute of a man swaggering out of there, dragging an admittedly-equally-brutish-looking (but probably less drunk) woman along with him. Ordinary enough, except the latter yanked her hand away, looking pretty pissed off, and started stomping off - also ordinary enough, except the inebriated gentleman was rolling back a fist now. Well. He'd probably deserve what was coming to him, but Apollo was in a sour mood, so without much thought, he lobs the apple at the guy's head, full power. And it's a score!

"Oi. You don't wanna get into a fight with a girl like that. She'll hit you really hard. Now pay me back for wasting some of my food helpin' you out," he growls, standing up and pouncing off the roof with surprising composure - he lands on his feet, almost catlike. Of course, he's not stupid enough to think this guy's actually going to buy him anything. He's going to fight. No powers. Nothing special. Around here, he was just another lost kid - not an Element, not a pilot, no Aquarion to back him up. Not Solar Wing. He was on his own.

But he kind of liked it like that.